Rimu Boxes

Our Rimu Boxes are handcrafted from native rimu in New Zealand and come in many shapes & sizes.The Rimu is cut with great precision then skilfully folded to form the quality examples of BoxArt below. All box lids may be inlaid with paua circles or have a kiwi attached. We can also personalise any of our boxes by having the lids laser-engraved with the recipient’s name, company logo, family crest or anything else you may choose. All boxes may be purchased unlined or lined with soft velvet - colours available include burgundy, green, navy blue or black.

Our boxes are not limited to the sizes illustrated below. We are generally able to satisfy customer requests for different sizes - contact us with your request & we will do our best to accommodate you.

Rimu Hinged Box

172 x 116 x 40mm.Product Code 102H

Rimu Hinged Box - Small

Great for all of your treasures - 150 x 95 x 40mm.Product Code 101H

Rimu Square Boxes 

Rimu Boxes with lift off lids. Available in three sizes - Petite Plain 73 x 73 x 40mm.Product Code 700, Medium Plain 103 x 103 x 40mm.Product Code 702, & Medium Plain Corp 103 x 103 x 65mm.Product Code 702C

Rimu Hexagonal Box - Large

Store your odds & ends in these attractive boxes. 110 x 96 x 65mm. Product Code 202C

Rimu Hexagonal Box - Small

Store your odds & ends in these attractive boxes. 80 x 70 x 40mm. Product Code 201

Rimu Hinged Box - Medium

Great for all of your treasures - 172 x 116 x 65mm.Product Code 102CH

Rimu Box - Lift Off Lid

A handy size box that can be used for any number of purposes - 210 x 110 x 40mm.Product Code 111

Bible Box

This bespoke rimu wooden storage box was made to the exact specification of our customer, who wanted to carefully & respectfully store her family bible for future generations.

Treasure Box

Beautiful rimu treasure box with custom lettering.

Rimu Box - Hinged Lid

A bespoke box that was sent overseas to an ex-pat kiwi

Rimu Box - Hinged Lid with Lift Out Tray

This beautiful box was made for a member of the NZ Defence Force serving overseas. The tray was for the display of a ceremonial knife with the lower section for the storage of medals and insignia.

Rimu Business Card Box - Lift Off Lid


Rimu Box - Hinged Lid

Another bespoke box for a customer who wanted something special for a family heirloom. The entire interior was velvet lined in panels producing spectacular results.

This box was made for a customers gift to his wife on her 50th birthday.

Rimu Box - Hinged Lid

This box is a popular size - 335 x 260 x 90 mm. It is used for our main selling jewellery box 115JH with lift out tray. Flexibility abounds - 1 tray, 2 trays, no trays. It is up to you. Fixed compartments are possible, just let us know and we will be able to accommodate you.


The picture shows a Paua Koru that has been inlaid into the box lid. Inlays maybe done on either side of the lid and may be positioned as requested. (With confirmation from the Engraving Company we use)

Rimu Box - Hinged Lid

Another bespoke box for a customer who wanted something special for a family members WW2 Medals. We had the name and rank together with the years of service laser engraved onto the lid.