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Why Timber is So Timelessly Beautiful - Nature as Art

Date Published: Jan 08, 2015

What is it about timber that is so distinctively different from other materials? Is it the uniqueness of each individual tree’s grain, something that is very much akin to a human thumbprint in that no two are exactly identical, the fact that it comes from something that was alive, lived and breathed, and was shaped over time by its surroundings, or is it because it can be crafted into beautiful works of art and recycled timber furniture by Melbourne artisans and enjoyed by many generations to follow?

Whilst whatever it is that makes timber so timelessly beautiful can be deliberated for hours on end, it cannot be denied that it is a remarkably unique material, one deserving of the appreciation it receives.

Nature as Art

Art is not just the work of humans, often skilled artisans who have honed their skills over many years, as it is also the work of Mother Nature, a fact that many of us have forgotten about, or perhaps never thought about in the first place.

If you have never thought about nature in this way, just look at the uniqueness of timbers like rimu from New Zealand, a lustrous timber with a rich, grainy feel that is so very different from other timbers, even other local timbers from the same forests.

To study a piece of timber is to look inside nature and peer into its splendour. This, no doubt, is something that craftspeople do when they take an aged piece of timber, one that nature has left marks upon over the years in many ways, and create something like an item of furniture, something that may be commonplace since it is an everyday item, but something that stands out for its unique qualities that can’t be imitated.

Art, however, can be created from timber of all ages and not only from items that nature has crafted in its own indelible ways over the years, as new timber can also be loving crafted and worked to create items that are equally unique in their own wonderful ways.

Timber as a Renewable Resource

Whilst much is rightly made of the decimation of primary forests in many parts of the world, particularly the resource rich developing world, timber is also a renewable resource and when carefully managed offers many benefits. As does the recycling of timber and timber furniture, which may enable us to get our hands on timbers, like teak for instance, that we know we shouldn’t buy new as this feeds the problem and doesn’t promote a cure.

Buying recycled timber furniture by Melbourne artisans is an environmentally and socially responsible way to enjoy the exquisiteness of timbers like teak at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy household wares made from new timbers, like rimu, that are sustainably produced.

With sustainable techniques applied to commercial forests and the recycling of wood and wooden furniture, we can all enjoy the exquisite beauty of timbers like rimu and teak for many years to come.

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