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Box Art – A Niche Talent that is Emerging

Date Published: Feb 28, 2018

Man has always made wooden boxes. Wherever he lives and whatever he does, they are a part of the culture. If you were born and raised in Europe, for example, there would likely be a few rosewood jewellery boxes somewhere in the house, and no doubt a few smaller ones for dad’s pipe or cigars in the living room, and for New Zealanders, there’s Rimu, a locally found evergreen that has the ideal texture for fine box art.

Going Back to Tradition

The emergence of digital technology has changed the way we live our lives, of that there is no doubt, yet in another way, we come to appreciate handmade things more, as we see less and less of modern handicrafts. Demand for box art has significantly increased, probably due to technology, with traditional companies that now have their own website, and these expertly crafted boxes that are suitable for many uses, are sent around the world, mainly as gifts, but sometimes as a collector’s piece.

Cigarette Boxes

These were kind of embedded in our culture during the forties and fifties, then came e-cigs, which kind of changed our social behavior a little, but in recent years, cigarette boxes are becoming popular, despite the number of smokers falling and vaping rising. Could be down to people who store their ecigs in tasteful timber boxes, or they have possibly found another use for these handy little containers.

Jewellery Boxes

Perhaps Rimu boxes are best known for keeping jewellery safe and with a range of designs that are designed specifically for keeping those precious family heirlooms safe. These make for wonderful gifts, and there isn’t a lady alive that wouldn’t love such a present, and as so many people are turning to handicrafts for gifts, rather than mass-produced devices or gadgets, the jewellery box has a very practical use and is also a stylish addition to any boudoir.

Online Solutions

If you don’t happen to be in New Zealand, you can still browse the local artists’ wares, with online shopping, and a registered company that makes and ships the boxes, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity. It isn’t difficult to source such a supplier online, and once you have bookmarked their site, you can browse for your Christmas shopping – which is a convenient way to select suitable gifts for family and friends.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for a person who really appreciates fine workmanship, buying a box is a great gift idea. There are so many uses that everyone would be delighted to receive such a practical gift, and with a secure online payment, the box will be wrapped and sent to the lucky recipient.

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