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Why Exotic Timber is So Popular

Date Published: Dec 03, 2014

There should be little doubt that timber products, from exquisitely crafted handicrafts like jewellery boxes to exotic timber flooring materials, are immensely popular. Timber products are in demand the world over and not without good reason either - there’s something inimitable about timber that can’t be matched or replicated with other materials.

Rimu Timber From New Zealand

Commonly known as rimu, Dacrydium cupressinum is a coniferous, evergreen tree that’s prevalent throughout New Zealand. It was once known as ‘red pine’, though that name has fallen out of usage over the years and is now best known as rimu.

Rimu, along with other trees native to New Zealand, including kauri, matai and totara, have long been the main sources of wood for timber products, though due to dwindling numbers, rimu logging has been limited in recent years by the government.

It’s still available and is used for, amongst other purposes, handmade furniture and household items, including jewellery boxes and wine bottle racks. Rimu is truly exquisite and is renowned for its strong grains that are considered to be quite distinctive among native New Zealand timbers.

Hardwood timbers have good qualities and can be used for a variety of furniture items including beds. Online there are Bunk Beds for sale at, which are available in natural or coloured timer.

Exotic Timber Floors

Timber has long been used as a flooring material around the world and is proving more popular than ever, as is illustrated in current flooring trends the world over.

Exotic hardwoods are by far the most popular timber materials for floors, but times are changing in that engineered timber floors are proving more popular than solid timber floors.

There are several reasons that help to explain this trend. Firstly, solid timber floors are far more expensive, secondly, they’re better able to tolerate conditions that solid timber floors are often unable to, and thirdly, they’re easier to maintain.

Engineered timber floors are just as attractive as 100% timber floors because the hardwood is the top layer - the only part of the floor that’s visible - and underneath lies a solid backing layer which is also made of timber.

Not an exotic hardwood, however, but rather something along the lines of a solid hevea core and beech backing layer. This puts a timber floor within the price range of most budget conscious homeowners, a floor that looks and feels fantastic.

In Australia, the list of timbers popular as flooring materials is extensive and includes Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Jarra, Kambala and Victorian Ash.


Sustainable logging is crucially important if we’re to preserve our forests for future generations. When buying timber products, like exquisitely crafted rimu handicrafts, it’s therefore imperative that we all insist upon sustainably logged timbers so that our children and their children will still be able to enjoy the beauty of timber in their own homes and in the forests which we must work at protecting.

Reclaimed timber is an eco-friendly option well-worth looking into, as are engineered timber flooring materials because their solid backing layers that make them more affordable minimises the amount of timber required. This reduces the amount of trees that need to be logged and helps to preserve our forests.

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