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The Role of Product Packaging in Various Aspects of Your Business

Date Published: Jul 21, 2015

Don't you feel so much better giving a gift when it's beautifully wrapped, complete with a ribbon and a card? In some cases, you'd want the box itself to be just as useful as the gift inside it. Take for example, hand-crafted wooden boxes that can accommodate cigars, jewellery and other sorts of fancy items. They're just as great as the content, making them an amazing gift altogether. So, for Melbourne engagement rings visit GN Jewellers as they come in beautiful packaging for rings.

What's with all the fuss on wrappers and boxes?

In business, packaging also matters, not just in gift giving. It probably matters more, considering that it's the one thing that will attract attention, draw a person's eye towards the shelf where the items are displayed, and extends marketing beyond the store shelves. That's not all. A packaging also...

  1. Serves as a physical protection of the objects enclosed in a box. Along with Styrofoam, bubble wrap and the like, it protects the content from shock, vibration, temperature changes, compression, dust, water, vapour, oxygen, etc.
  2. Acts as a containment of small objects or parts. Several small parts of a toy, for example, are grouped together and then placed in one package for easy transport or handling. Bulk commodities such as salt, on the other hand, are packaged to suit individual and household use.
  3. Transmits information. Where else will you know how to use an item than through the package's labelling? The label also outlines how to dispose, recycle or transport the product. This is also where you'll find the sell by date.
  4. Reduces risk of theft. Some packages don't get physically damaged, while others have seals that cannot be re-closed. When seals are broken, the item is considered rubbish. Bottle closures from, for example, stays on during delivery, and any sign of tampering will render the product unfit for store shelves.
  5. Adds convenience in distribution, handling, displaying or re-using an item. Packages come in various shapes and sizes. A good example of a convenient package is one that has a handle, making it easy to carry. If it's resealable, it can be recycled by consumers in other ways.
  6. Helps in marketing a brand. As previously mentioned, the packaging and labelling are what grabs attention, enticing potential buyers to make a purchase.

To make the most of a packaging, however, it must be designed to meet consumer buying behaviour. The are certain factors that come into play, including:

Colours used

Certain shades set different moods and bring out a variety of reactions. This is why a successful packaging must use the psychology of colour.

  • Blue is perceived as trustworthy, peaceful and calm.
  • Green gives a product a natural feel.
  • Yellow green is an appetite depressant, and should be avoided in food packaging.
  • Yellow grabs attention.

Material of the packaging

High quality packaging material has the ability to make a product stand out and look sophisticated. This, in turn, encourages people to make a purchase. This brings us back to the analogy of gift boxes, where handcrafted and high-grade ones gets a positive reception.

Low quality, on the other hand, doesn't get as much attention, and consumers usually take time to peruse the labelling before buying.

Font styles

Apparently, there are fonts that are more attractive than others. Most successful companies hire specialists just to compose labels and words that catch attention, even at a glance.

Package design

If the box already looks good, it usually translates that the content is just as good. Children, in particular, are very sensitive to the design of a packaging, which is why a lot of thought goes into toy packaging and boxes.

When all these requirements are met, there's no doubt that an item will be off the shelf like crazy. As shown by statistics, more than 60% of shoppers tried a new product because of the packaging.

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