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What to Give to the Outdoorsman on Your Gift List

Date Published: Jul 15, 2015

Most people don't enjoy shopping, but buying presents can double the trouble and hassle, what with the added considerations that you need to make, apart from the price, size, colour, and other specifications. If only you can buy the first thing you set your eyes on, but that will be perceived as less thoughtful. If you happen to know your friend's interest or hobby, however, you can easily narrow down your choices.

So he's an outdoorsman, eh? Some of the gift options you can choose from include:

Fishing kit

This includes fishing rods, artificial bait, tackle boxes, fishing gear and the like. Because equipment used for this activity comes in various types, and would depend on the kind of fishing done, on fresh water or on salt water, you might want to consult with an expert before you buy anything. Or, if you can sneak in his shed or wherever he keeps his stuff, get ideas from what he already owns. To keep him entertained while outdoor, buy him the the best wireless headphones. Talking to an expert, however, is still the best course of action.

Hunting Gear

What usually comes to mind when you hear the word outdoorsman? Yes, someone who wears country clothing with a gun in hand or one in a safari outfit, still with a gun in hand. So why not shop for an outfit suitable for the kind of hunting he probably engages in? Southfield Sporting certainly has great options for clothing, guns, ammunitions and shooting accessories, so you might want to start your shopping here. Throw in a decoy and a hunting call, and you're going to make someone really happy.

Hiking Stuff

Think about what will make a hiking experience more fun and less strenuous. A good pair of footwear is certainly essential, so get him one of the The Athlete's Foot running shoes. Didn't you know? Running shoes are the new hiking boots, because they are designed with science in mind. The level of comfort alone is well thought out that you won't need a break-in period just to feel comfortable wearing it. Running shoes also have good traction, thick, and have a soft, flexible sole. This should get him going for miles and miles.

If you're planning a hiking trip then being fit and healthy is of course on the top of the priority list. Elite Sarms supplement could offer the perfect way for you to really revitalise your body after training allowing you to reach your goals.

If footwear is way beyond your budget, get him a headgear, walking stick, backpack, or a flask or water bottle instead.

Camping Gear

The perfect gift would be a tent. Make sure to check out the size, shape and materials used before you purchase anything, and see if they can withstand the average temperature and conditions outdoors. Other gift options include a torch or lantern, hammers, hatches and other tools essential for camping. Or if he likes to combine camping with road trips, why not give him any one of these sweet Manukau auto tyres?

Presented with these options, it's time to find out which one your friend is really into. If he does everything, choose the activity closest to heart and use it as a basis when shopping for a gift. You can then throw in a hand-crafted wooden gift box where he can store his prized catch — whatever it may be, or awards from a fishing or hunting competition. For a personal touch, have his name or family crest engraved on the lid. Also, Avalina leather travel bags can be used as outdoor gear for long trips.

Now, what would you give to the adventurous love one you have on your gift list?

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