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Gift Buying for Dog Owners

Date Published: Sep 25, 2015

Do you have a pooch pamperer on your list of people to buy gifts for? Spread the love for man’s best friend and contribute to canine care with these 7 pawesome gift ideas:


Delicious, Fun Treats: Bribe time doesn’t have to be boring. Reinforce Fido’s good behaviour with delicious, creatively-made dog candy such as the Bake n Bone Deluxe Cheese Burger Salmon, D’ Muffin Beef, and D’ Muffin Lamb & Liver.

Pup Classes: Owners would be heartily thankful for a gift certificate for their furry babies’ priceless education. Consider getting them coupons such as the Dog Playground 3 Months Dog Training Course Coupon or Swimming Course Coupon to show you care for their pup’s future.


Doggie Clothes: Is the recipient both a pooch lover and a fashionista? Why not get them more outfits for their canine to wear? They could use more costumes for Fido’s Instagram account and some awesomely cute clothes for their daily walk in the park.

Doggie Toys: Play is important for dogs as it serves as a fitness regimen and an outlet for their boundless energy. It’s good for their health and for their owners as many dog-related problems can be resolved with just the right amount of stimulation and fun exercise. Visit your favourite online pet shop to find the perfect plush, ball, rope, Frisbee, chew toy, or educational toy to wrap as a present.


Dog Books: If you reckon the dog owner in your list is also a book lover, you may want to consider getting them something canine-themed for their shelf or coffee table collection.

Pawsonalised Cushion Pillows: Henry Cats & Friends pillows featured in a unique online pet shop are cushion decorations designed by a Taiwanese painter and are made from soft suede fabric that would be perfect for a pet parent’s living room couch or their pooch’s bed.


Doggie Treasure Chest: If you’re thinking of sending a care package that offers a variety of presents (maybe a plush toy here, a training coupon there, and a cute collar in between) why not wrap them all in one big wooden treasure chest? The recipient would be grateful for a beautiful box they can keep to store their furry friend’s possessions for the years to come. Lastly, a trip to North shore vet is a gift for any dog.

And if you’re seeking for someone to carve out that pawsonalised wooden doggie treasure chest, we’d be more than happy to offer our services. We specialise in making wooden gifts not just for dog owners but for everyone worldwide who wishes to have unique, beautiful, and handmade timber pieces. Contact us to learn more.

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