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What’s the Perfect Housewarming Gift?

Date Published: Dec 22, 2014

For people changing addresses, furnishing their new house is usually the last thing on their mind. With all the things they have to take care of, they won’t have time to think about decorating the hall or hanging a wreath on the door. While making their place more welcoming once guests arrive, they still don’t have much time and budget to design, decorate and obtain all household needs in one instance. Knowing where to buy fine art online - OAC Gallery, can help decorate a home in a unique style.

This is where you come in. You, their family members and friends can give them a housewarming gift—to celebrate the ownership and to give something useful. When it comes to the price, it’s up to you whether to shop for cheap or expensive gifts. Either way, here are some wonderful items:

1. Coasters

These may seem unimportant and cheap, but they’re highly useful—especially during parties or impromptu dinners with friends. Plus, you can find beautiful designs and unique materials if you know where to look.

How about coasters made from rimu, a large coniferous tree endemic to New Zealand’s forests? These will go perfectly with a wooden tablemat or bud vase.

2. Furnishings

Want to splurge on that gift? How about a sofa bed, a leather couch or a coffee table? Or, you can buy a bean bag. It’s stylish and it complements any decoration. Plus, you can choose from a range of contemporary chic designs, vibrant colours, and fabric types.

What’s great about giving a bean bag is that they can use it for indoor and outdoor decorating. They can rearrange or move it around easily. It’ll be the perfect gift for someone who loves hanging out in their yard or patio.

3. Vases

These’ll look great when added with fresh flowers and then put anywhere in or outside the house. And you can choose from a wide range of designs, colours and materials. The downside though is difficulty finding the best pick.

Which colour matches the interior décor? Will a ceramic vase look great?

You don’t have to worry about looking for perfect matches when choosing vases made from a native tree. Here at Rimu Box Art, we offer a collection of rimu gifts - from coasters to soap holders.

Wood is a classic material and it’ll look great no matter the interior design. So, check out our products to find a gift for new homeowners.

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