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Avoid Making Your Home Look like a Market, Consider These Decoration Factors

Date Published: Apr 10, 2015

Most of the time, a home’s interiors reflect the personalities of its occupants. Whether you prefer an ornate Victorian inspired design or a minimalist style, it says a lot about your taste, preference and outlook in life. If the wallpaper, paintings and showpieces from the previous two decades are starting to look outdated, it’s time to give your place a makeover. Since improvement projects, such as putting gutter mesh from Blue Mountain Mesh, require careful planning so you’ll get great results, find out what you should consider when redecorating:


While aesthetics may be what you have in mind when placing a marble bust by the staircase, it does not mean that you should overlook practicality. If you are a family of four, it is impractical to buy a two-seat dining set just because you think it complements the interior decor. With that said, always go for functionality and aesthetics.

Now, if you prefer the earthy and neutral tones of wood, decorate with accessories made from New Zealand rimu. You can find coasters, spiral tablemat, cheese/paté board, and other beautiful handmade designs.

Shopping around for more furnishings or materials for particular rooms in your house? Have a look at the collections of these companies.


Decorating a home can easily cost you thousands if you aren't too careful or wise about spending. So before starting your decoration project, determine first how much you can afford or willing to spend. Come up with an estimate by comparing prices, a task made convenient if you go online. If you’re going to hire an interior decorator because you prefer professional guidance rather than DIY, find out how much you need to pay the person or team.

As a note, you can stick to your budget if you find good deals, such as the offer of Rent To Own Appliances, which allows you to rent whitegoods or major electronics and then own these in 12 months. What’s great is that you can choose a payment program that suits your finances.

Styles and trends

Keeping up with design trends and styles helps make your home updated, so check out magazines and makeover shows to know the latest in the industry. As mentioned, you can work with a professional designer and decorator to obtain expert opinion. The best advantage about working with a specialist is that the person knows what he/she’s doing, considering several years of training and application. As a tip, ask for samples of previous work to find a good and dependable worker.

You may come across a vintage cabinet or a gorgeous living room set that take your breath away, but think about how it stands with these factors before paying for it. Otherwise, you might end up with decorations or furniture that you’ve spent so much on, don't have a space for or clashes with the overall theme.

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