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5 Decorating Tricks to Turn a Small Apartment Into a Chic and Functional Home

Date Published: Nov 23, 2013

With property prices on the rise, apartments are becoming more popular choices than homes, especially for young professionals and small families. While it's definitely a more practical option, owners face a common dilemma: how to adequately furnish and decorate a small condo space to make it organised, chic and functional.

Now, before you decorate with cowhide rugs and other furnishings, here are some tricks to keep in mind to help you maximise your space:

Create multi-functional spaces.

Since you're short on square footage, you'll need to create areas that serve more purposes than one. For instance, your food prep station can double as dinner table. Moreover, take advantage of awkward features or odd nooks, and try to find ways to utilise them. For example, the space below the stairs can be turned into a storage area by creating made-to-measure shelves and installing a sliding door.

Many choose to purchase their first home when they get married and often times couples need to compromise on the way they want their new shared space to look. Visit if you're looking for professional couples photos that can be a stylish addition to your new home.

Be selective of accessories.

When you only have so much space for the basics, it's important to pick home accessories that are not only stylish but useful as well. Say, if want an urban chic design, you can buy rustic home d├ęcor that are both decorative and functional, like a unique, timber table mat or a wooden bud vase. Go for sheer curtains to allow more natural light inside, and use mirrors to create the illusion of space.

When it comes to furnishings, steer away from bulky pieces and instead go for round, free-flowing shapes. Choose furniture with glass features, since the material helps to visually open up the space. Remember to always aim for quality. If you want a hardwearing couch, look for leather suppliers who can provide you quality materials for sofa upholstery.

Incorporate textures.

Play up the mood and personality of your space by bringing in lots of textures. Experiment with Australian leather upholstery, faux animal carpets, velvet throws, frilly cushions, wood flooring, etc. Learn how to layer for added comfort and style.

Create divisions.

If you think you're space will end up like a series of tight cubicles, hold that thought a bit. You don't need to build a wall in order to have a separate living room and a kitchen. Placing a cowhide area rug under the couches and coffee table will do the trick, as it pulls together a separate living space without having to physically divide the room. Bonus: the open layout will allow you to have extra seating whenever your friends come over for dinner.

It's all about maximising spaces these days, so make sure to consider these things when planning your condo interior design.