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How to design a shop interior

Date Published: Oct 25, 2013

If you have a shop and you want to redecorate the interior, then you should think about how you will display the products that you are selling. You should use shelves and cabinets as well as presentation boxes and what you use to display your products will partly depend on what you are selling. You can find a variety of shop fittings through specialist companies and you should set out a budget before you begin shopping so you know how much you can afford to spend. Designing the interior of a shop is all about using the space properly and you will need to think about how you use the space in terms of showcasing your products in a way that will appeal to shoppers.

If you have a shop then it's very likely that you'll also need some sort of office space. Keep the ambiance of your shop by separating these spaces though. A virtual office in Sydney is a great compromise to this and still allows you to keep an active presence for your business.

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For example, if you sell small products such as jewellery, then you might want to buy nice presentation boxes. Boxes like this should be handmade and it is important to make sure that you use a good quality wooden box if you want to entice people to buy what you are selling. Using generic boxes that have been mass produced are not as eye catching as using handmade boxes and it is often worth spending more on a box that looks unique.

You should look for a company that sells boxes that offers the following features:

  • Different sizes depending on what you are selling
  • Made from a good quality wood such as rimu
  • 100% original designs
  • The option to have the boxes lined

You will also need to buy shelves and display cabinets to display these boxes properly and you will need to work out your budget for designing the entire interior of your shop before you begin shopping around. That way you will know how much you can spend on each part of your shop. If you are looking for some shelving solutions, then you might want to look into using a mixture of different types of shelves. You can buy shelves made from glass, wood or even plastic depending on the look that you are going for and they can stand alone or be fixed onto the wall to achieve different effects. Displaying products in a nice way will help you to grab the attention of buyers and entice them to make a purchase.

You can have lots of fun designing the interior of your shop and it is important to always think about the way you display your products. You want to entice customers to buy what you are selling and the way that you display your products will affect whether or not they will make a purchase. By using unique boxes to display small items such as medals, glasses or jewellery, you will grab people’s attention and tempt them into looking at what you are selling. Shop fittings are easy enough to buy and how you showcase your products will make a huge difference to how successful you are at selling your products!

Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you want to use shelves?
  • Do you want to use cabinets?
  • Do you want to use boxes?
  • Do you want to use glass or wood?

A nicely laid out shop will usually use a mixture of fittings with the use of some cabinets, a few shelves and a selection of presentation boxes. For example, you can use a few glass display cabinets along with some wooden shelves and then you can place some display boxes on the shelves or in the display cabinets. If you like the idea of only using products made from wood, then why not buy some wooden presentation boxes and put them on wooden shelving units so that the entire shop uses fittings made solely from wood? Heavy duty shelving can be used in the back room for storage purposes and more attractive fittings should be used on the shop floor to help you to sell your products.

How you display yours products will affect how much you manage to sell and by using a mixture of shelves, cabinets and nice wooden boxes you will ensure that your shop looks really appealing to your customers. Designing the interior of a shop is all about showcasing your products in a way that will appeal to your customers and you will need to think about how you display things. When you use handmade wooden boxes, your products will immediately become more interesting to look at than if they were simply laid out on a shelf collecting dust.