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The Modern Gentleman: 6 Secrets of Becoming a Man

Date Published: Nov 29, 2013

Guys, there will come a time when you turn 30 and realise that you’ve got to stop playing Mario Kart or watching DVD’s on your state of the art home theatre which you purchased from that hifi adelaide specialist company who gave you a great deal and start acting like a real gentleman. We’re not talking about candlelight dinners or gallant knights in white horses.

The period of chivalry is long gone. Today, when women are ferociously proving themselves as equals, it’s time to man up.

As in Game of Thrones, “kill the boy, let the man be born”.

Stop posting pictures of your half-naked self. What are you, a teenager? It’s never a good image when you constantly snap pictures of yourself fresh from the shower, off to the gym, or doing your push-ups. Your Instagrammed body reflection on the mirror won’t do you any favours in scoring with women, seriously.

Skip the vices. As a rule of thumb, never spend more for alcohol or cigarettes than you do for future investments. Develop a rule for drinking habits or swap your sticks with an e-cig from an electronic cigarette company. Stop punishing your liver and kidney and live a healthier, more financially secure lifestyle.

Take out your bat cape. That is, invest in custom-tailored suits. Don’t just get something off the rack because even those won’t fit well. Find a good tailor and order a perfectly proportioned suit for formal occasions like black-tie events and fancy dates. Consider it your cape and cowl as the Dark Crusader of Gotham.

Go for wood. Need to find a way to stash your Rolexes, your cuff links, wine glasses, or your collection of the best electronic cigarettes? Here’s our answer for you: timber boxes designed and made locally in New Zealand. These can be used to store accessories, bath items, e-cigarettes and so much more.

Find a signature spritz. A gentleman must always look and smell good; it is literally the number one rule we all must follow. Now, don’t try to shake things up by using one perfume after another in a manner of weeks. Stick to one scent and make it your signature smell. Whether it’s just Axe or David Beckham’s new scent, find a perfume that your girlfriend will instantly recognise as yours.

Lose the Kate Upton fantasy. It’s not bad to daydream, but not at the expense of your girl going jealous over some bombshell supermodel thousands of miles away. Stick to reality, stay healthy with your e-cigs from trusted electronic cigarette company, and let go of that Kate Upton poster over your bed.

Bonus tip:

Stop the homophobia. Regardless of whether you’re gay or not, it’s not nice to tease or be scared of people just because of their sexual preferences. Respect others and you’ll get the respect you deserve.

So are you ready to be this generation’s Don Draper?

The sleek ladies man with all the right suits and the impeccable accent? Yes, we think you are! So don't forget to purchase a suit from mens suits adelaide for a perfect tailored suit. Also, yu gi oh trading cards are a nice gift to receive.