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A Guide to Creating an Online Handicrafts Business

Date Published: Feb 26, 2018

There are many people who have a talent for making beautiful items. It might be that you have a knack for working with wood and without too much trouble, you can create beautiful works of art that people love, and if you are thinking you could never make a living out of your hobby, think again, because the Internet can help you to do just that.

Creating a Website

This is, of course, essential and if you have no experience in this field, simply take your vision to a well-known WordPress developer and he can transform your concept into a working platform. For virus protection, application whitelisting will ensure that all your online data is secure, and with regular postings of high-resolution images and even some video of you working, people will get a good idea what it is that you do. Once you have your website online, you need to think about digital marketing, as without this, people will never find you.

Pricing Your Products

This can be difficult, as you might think a piece to be worth more than it is, considering how much time and effort you put into it, yet unfortunately, costing for works of art are more about the market price. If, for example, you craft handmade jewellery boxes, then get online and see what other artists are selling similar items for, and this will give you a good idea of what you can ask. There is the fact that the piece is a unique item that was made by hand, but this only counts for so much, and at the end of the day, people will only pay what they think an item is worth.

Personalising Items

This is a great idea, as it adds a touch of uniqueness and you can scribe the customer’s name onto the item, making it truly unique. Working with wood, for example, allows you to be more creative, and the customer might like it if you include a personalised message on the item, which is likely a gift for a family member or close friend. As time goes by, your site will become more complex and anti-virus protection like application whitelisting will ensure that you are protected against cyber-attack, which is a real threat these days.

Digital Marketing

The digital world is alien to most of us, and if you really want to be noticed online, you have to engage a digital marketing agency, who can ensure that your site comes up when consumers type in the right search terms. This is a specialised industry and it is not something you can do without, and not only that, this needs to be an ongoing thing, as search engines are constantly changing the way they assess websites.

Artistic talent should be rewarded and if you would like to make a living out of your passion, the only limitations are those you put upon yourself.

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