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Are You a New Homeowner? Make Sure to Use This Handy Shopping List

Date Published: Oct 08, 2014

Buying or building your first house is one of the most exciting times of your life. However, it can also be one of the most chaotic since you have to tackle numerous tasks, such as moving to your new home, unpacking and arranging your furniture and adjusting to an environment that's different from what you're used to.

Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to make your experience less stressful, and one of these is to use the shopping list below. By following this guide, you can buy the right homewares and other essentials in Melbourne (or wherever you're located) and have everything you need to whip your house into shape.

Ready to get started? Here's your handy new-homeowner shopping list!

Diy Tools

You don't need to worry about fixing things when you're renting a flat; after all, the only thing you should do is to call your landlord and he'll do the repairs and maintenance for you. But this is no longer the case when you become a homeowner. If you want your house to stay attractive and last for a long time, you must learn how to take care of it properly.

To do this, you need to have to all the essential tools and equipment. A reliable hammer, a tape measure, a power drill (with a set of drill bits), hack and circular saws, different types of wrenches and screwdrivers, — these are some of the things you should purchase to perform basic repairs and maintenance on your home.

Cleaning and Gardening Supplies

If you've lived in a small apartment, you can probably clean it up with a small vacuum. However, this won't be enough if you're moving to a house with a garden; with a larger area, you'll have a bigger space to maintain and keep in great shape.

So, as early as possible, go shopping and stock up on products and tools that will help you spruce up your home from top to bottom. Some of these include:

  • Brooms, mops, buckets, vacuums and other basic cleaning products (if you don't have them yet).
  • Stable and durable ladders (which you can use to sweep cobwebs off your ceilings, clean your gutters and fix broken lights).
  • Rakes, spades, trowels, tree pruners, watering cans, garden hoses and other things that you can use to keep your outdoor space in good shape.

Storage Containers

Many studio apartment dwellers have the confidence to leave their belongings lying around because they know these won't be going anywhere else. If they leave something in the bedroom, for example, it's going to be in the bedroom when they come back. Unfortunately, as a homeowner, you no longer have this luxury (especially if you have a growing family). If you're not careful, your things can easily end up stranded in the attic or stuffed in the garage, without any apparent reason.

Because of this, you need to invest in products that will help you organise your belongings and ensure they'll stay safe and secure. If you collect jewellery and other small items, for instance, why not buy beautiful boxes made of rimu wood? These will help you store your accessories and other knick-knacks and prevent them from getting lost or misplaced.

Homeware and Décor

Once you've settled into your new house, it's now the time to furnish and decorate your space. Doing these is important so your home will reflect your unique personality and will perfectly match your specific needs and lifestyle.

Not sure where to begin? You can browse through an online shop that offers homewares in Melbourne and surrounding areas. By exploring this site, you'll have an idea about the different types of rugs, cushions, throws and other products that you can use to brighten up your place and create an inviting and appealing home.

Use this shopping list to buy the right items and enjoy your experience as a new homeowner!

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