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Going Rustic: A Look at Some Great Home Decorating Ideas

Date Published: Dec 19, 2013

Have you ever dreamed of living in a beautiful cottage in the countryside?

Indeed, there's nothing quite like living the country life where you get to wake up to the sight of trees, flowers and mountains every morning. However, if this isn't possible for you, you can always make your home look and feel like a cosy cottage by decorating it with a rustic theme. So for roof replacement Sydney visit, as they can install rustic roofs to match your cosy cottage decoration.

The way you decorate your home doesn't have to be an 'off the shelf' choice. These days, it's much easier to personalise your home to you. Visit Milenko Weddings Byron Bay and find out more about how their unique wedding photography packages can be used to personalise your space.

Play with colours. One of the best things about rustic-themed decorating is that you get to use different hues that represent nature. You can start by painting your walls with a neutral palette, so it looks refreshing and relaxing. You could then add a touch of earth tones like terra cotta, brown, red and sage green to make your interiors look more vibrant. Commercial Painters Gold Coast, Central Coast Coatings can offer painting consultation for the best paints for your home.

Buy rustic furniture. Since cosy couches and wood furniture pieces are staples in mountain cottages, you can choose to invest in these items for your home. When choosing furniture, make sure to consider the size of the room where you'll put it and the rest of the décor pieces for a unified look. Doing so will not only spare you from buying the wrong furniture, but it'll also help you decide on the best pieces to buy for your house.

  • Martec offers a great selection of ceiling fans with lights suitable for home interiors.
  • Attaching chair tips to your furniture can help protect the flooring in resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars and other properties.

Add wood elements in your home. Since wood is a prominent material in log cabins and mountain cottages, you should have as much of this element in your interiors as possible. If your house is designed with a different theme like modern or vintage, you can buy wooden blinds or shutters and install them in your windows. You can also shop for wooden items such as vases, magazine holders and trays at Rimu Box Art to complete the look.

For the finishing touches, you can place rugs, quilts and table lamps in specific areas in your house. You could also hang paintings or photographs to give the space more personality.

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